Sleep Medicine Specialist in Trenton, NJ

Expert Care for a Wide Range of Sleep Disorders

David Bresch, MD combines his expertise in psychiatry with a specialized focus on Sleep Medicine to offer comprehensive care for various sleep disorders. Understanding the critical role of sleep in overall health, our clinic in Trenton, NJ is dedicated to diagnosing, treating, and managing sleep-related conditions to help patients achieve restorative sleep and improve their quality of life.

Comprehensive Sleep Disorder Evaluations

Our clinic conducts in-depth evaluations to diagnose a range of conditions, including insomnia, sleep apnea, and narcolepsy. Through patient history and polysomnography (when needed), David Bresch, MD guides precise diagnoses and treatments.

Polysomnography for Sleep Analysis

David Bresch, MD prescribes and reviews polysomnography tests to identify sleep disorders, even though studies are not performed in-house. This detailed analysis informs the creation of specific treatment plans for each patient.

CPAP Therapy for Sleep Apnea

We provide CPAP management for sleep apnea, a therapy that can significantly improve quality of life. Our team ensures patients adjust well to their CPAP devices for optimal treatment effectiveness.

Specialized Treatments for Common Sleep Issues

Beyond CPAP management, we explore various treatment avenues including lifestyle changes, positional therapy, and if necessary, referrals for surgical consultations to address obstructive sleep apnea effectively.
We offer comprehensive management plans that include stimulant medication to combat excessive daytime sleepiness and other treatments to address cataplexy and related symptoms, helping patients lead more normal lives.
Treatment focuses on lifestyle modifications, iron supplementation if needed, and medication that targets RLS symptoms, providing relief and promoting better sleep.
We emphasize the importance of behavioral changes to improve sleep hygiene, and techniques to address psychological factors contributing to sleep disorders, fostering long-term improvements in sleep health.
Individualized treatment plans include medication management and cognitive-behavioral therapy to address the root causes of insomnia, aiming to restore healthy sleep patterns and improve nighttime rest.

Education and Consultation for Comprehensive Sleep Health

Sleep Hygiene Education(SHE)

We provide detailed guidance on sleep hygiene practices that promote restful sleep, including optimizing the sleep environment, establishing a pre-sleep routine, and managing exposure to electronic devices.

Management of Sleep-related Movement Disorders

Offering strategies to manage conditions such as Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, including medication and lifestyle changes aimed at minimizing disruptions to sleep.

Consultation for Shift Work Sleep Disorder

Tailored advice for shift workers dealing with sleep disturbances, focusing on strategies to adapt sleep schedules and mitigate the impact of irregular work hours on sleep quality.

Why Choose David Bresch, MD for Your Sleep Medicine Needs?

David Bresch, MD’s unique expertise in both Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine offers a comprehensive approach to treating sleep disorders.

Focusing on overall health enhancement, David Bresch, MD uses a multifaceted strategy to improve sleep, addressing both physiological and psychological aspects of sleep disorders.

Tailored treatment plans based on thorough evaluations and patient needs.

Open Dialogues Lasting Solutions

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